Our Incubatees

Himanshu Nimje, Manil Gupta & Piyush Agarwal
We provide a learning assistant developed using artificial intelligence for middle and high school students especially for the ones at home so that they can gain more out of every learning session.
Rahat Kulshreshtha & Gaurav Mehta
Quidich is an Aerial filming and Broadcast solutions company; pioneers in wireless real-time AR graphics, integrated into live video streams.
Kuldeep Dubey
We deal with the insurance domain of India with an aim to take the insurance domain to the next level by providing solutions with the help of Blockchain and AI technology
Premnath Borkar
We are a venture that deals with the healthcare sector that provides solutions to the problems present in the government hospitals as well as expanding our territory to provide better healthcare facilities.
Deepak Jadhav, Onkar Puranik
We are Lending Technology Platform company, which enables consumers to quickly process their credit requirement, helps retailers / manufactures to capture market potential and assists financial institution access new markets at the point of sale.
Naval Patel, Mayuresh Dalvi
Mobigic is a specialist in designing light weight, state of art user interface native Android & iOS applications.
Sanket Pednekar, Rikhav Mehta

We create a Hyper Connectivity Platform that provides proximate connectivity for events, services, meetups and more
through seamless discovery and closed group user engagement.


Sharad Sankaran & Gaurav Mane


Bridging the gap between the Programming world, the Quantitative Trading world & the Fund Manage


B Saketh Ram, Saurabh Ranjan, Manish Bhanushali
Our journey begun with a common zest for storytelling and love for technology. We are Liminal, a boutique studio with a big appetite for creativity and we love working with clients who are as passionate as us in achieving the very best outcomes.

Summit Games

Summit Games –  Technology & Media company providing solutions in Entertainment and Tech industry.

Aseem Mhaske
BusinessGamin offers clients gamified technology solutions & analytics tools to help them drive business performance.
I med matrix

I Med Matrix

Instant access to medical care anytime, anyplace  and  everyone.

Suresh NM
Transforming Businesses Digitally and Providing Digital Implementation & Integration Services to Help Businesses Grow
Bhavin Kamdar , Madhav Oka
Embedos strives to be a one stop solution for all automation technology needs. They deliver custom embedded and IoT solutions to industries.
Rajendra Gangan
Connecting the world with manufacturing services.
Yash Dahenkar
BitGenie is a Blockchain Technology consultant who solves all queries regarding Blockchain Platform for digital assets.
Tushar Mesharam
Weswadesi sells handcrafted low cost, fast moving consumer products online.
Vaidehi Kulkarni , Anushree Kulkarni
Committed to improve intimate hygiene in a sustainable way
Ashwin Idhole & Kshitij Sarode
Dash Corporation was incorporated with a view of making a paradigm shift in the OOH industry
Nikesh Rathod


E-Learning platform which enables online guidance for engineering.    


Kan Innovations – Indo-US startup focused on Innovating & Developing Healthcare Tech.

Nishant Ranjan
We are a startup building electric vehicle technology which is relevant for the Indian Market.
Dr.Dhananjay Kalbande & Dr.Uday Khopkar
Skinzy provides a simple and effective AI solution to your skin-related diagnostic questions.

Devlata Tech

Devlata  – Automating warehouse markets and home appliances.


Safengage – A payment platform that provides online and offline payment options along with Escrow.

Jumper.AI – Automated conversational retail checkouts on your social networking websites.


Find, book doctors, clinics and organize your health  records digitally.


graduated incubatees

work india

With WorkIndia a job seeker can search the best jobs throughout India and schedule the Interview at their convenience



We combine the trusted shopping experience of a local grocery shop near you with the convenience of shopping for grocery online.

Quirk house

Quirk house​

School atlas

School Atlas is a young funded start up working towards improving the quality of education in rural India.

Sky meEt

We create a Hyper Connectivity Platform that provides proximate connectivity for events, services, meetups and more through seamless discovery and closed group user engagement.


Ungeek is a cloud-based Business Process Automation(BPA) company. Our software can increase the productivity of your employees.


Jeanovaa is created for the denim lovers who love to stick their lucky jeans to their heart. We redesign your lucky loved denim into new trendy looks.


We are an end to end hospiltality solution for jobseekers looking for jobs in hospiltality industry and also an business to business portal for hotilers who are looking into hiring a talent.


Pykih is an agency that provides businesses with visual data information and content-based marketing services.


Get Your Business Website Online In Less Than 15 Minutes instantly.


We extract your DNA and study to get insights into your health. With them we create the right health advices for you in form of diet, workout that will help you stay fit and healthy.




Our team has the most efficient members leading the teach-team, the management as well as services.

last bench

We design Learning Experiences that Educate, Engage & Empower learners to apply knowledge and seek insights needed to succeed.


Where like minded people meet..

rent & borrow

Online platform for renting & borrowing things.