An initiative of Bhartiya Vidhya Bhavan's Sardar Patel Institute of Technology

Sardar Patel Technology Business Incubator

Supported by Department of Science and Technology - Government of India


SP-TBI presents start-a-thon 3.0 which is a start-up ideation challenge where teams from all over India compete. It is a 2-day event where 20 teams will be given a problem statement each and they have to come up with a complete solution. These ideas will be pitched to investors on day 2. Mentors will be guiding the teams on day 1 helping them in making a business plan for presentation. It’ll help them in building their various skills like entrepreneurship, problem solving, pitching etc.


Round 1 of this event will be an elimination round. In this, a problem statement will be given to all participants upon registering. Participants will be expected to create a page long, full-fledged solution of the same.

*Any solution longer than a page will not be considered*

Once submitted, all the solutions will be scrutinized and filtered. Top 20 teams will be announced in a week. They will compete in the final round which will be the main competition.
Round 2 is a 2-day event.


On the first day, out of 5 problem areas 20 teams will select suitable problem areas. Each team will get an entire day to ideate around the problem to come up with a feasible tech-based solution. The teams will be assigned esteemed mentors to help them throughout the day. Mentors will help them in building a viable business plan. Each team will get a set of 2 mentors from different industries.


On the second day, every team will have to be geared up to present their ideas and business plan in front of the judges. Each team will be given 5 minutes to pitch and 3 minutes for the questionnaire round with the judges. After this, there will be a networking session during break with the judges. Post break the judges will give feedback and also declare the results.


Students from all backgrounds
Graduates - 2020, 2021
Active college faculties
Start-ups registered after 2020



Through this event, every individual who has entrepreneurial skills will get a chance to turn their ideas into a start-up. It will help them not only in idea generation but also in networking and increasing their industry connect.



1st Place
₹12,000 + 3 months free incubation or one year virtual incubation + Digital Certificate + 10,000$ AWS Credits

2nd Place
₹8,000 + 3 months free incubation or one year virtual incubation + Digital Certificate + 10,000$ AWS Credits

3rd 4th and 5th  Place
Digital Certificate + 10,000$ AWS Credits.

6th Onwards
Digital Certificate.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


The Goal Of An Ideation Challenge Is To Provide An Opportunity To Learn About Entrepreneurship Through The Development And Presentation Of A Business Idea. Participants In The Competition Will Have An Opportunity To Define Their Ideas In Commercial Terms And To Compete For Substantial Cash Prizes That Could Be Used To Further The Commercialization Of Their Inventions.


  1. A refined business plan/model
  2. Perfect Pitch
  3. Mentorship
  4. Exposure leads to partnership
  5. Win cash prizes and access to resources


This competition is open to all. Graduates, undergraduates, students in high school, students in art, science, commerce background and even working professionals can apply for this competition.


Form a team with people you can easily work with, have creative ideas and want to learn something new.


The selection criteria are the creativity of the solution, the feasibility of the solution, how well the solution fits in the Indian market, presentation and how well you address the problem.


If you have never been to an ideation challenge then this is the perfect opportunity for you to get this kind of exposure and to test your creative skills.


Basic stationery, business canvas, and mentors will be provided. Along with this lunch and snacks will also be provided.


Bring a laptop


Yes, you’ll get a certificate after completion.


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This training program is not only for first-time entrepreneurs but also for those who have a startup and don’t know how to progress. Or for an entrepreneur who is stuck in their business. This training program can also be taken by those who are aspiring to be entrepreneurs.


No, you don’t have to make the actual product. You just have to design it