The incubation program is a platform for entrepreneurs to instigate themselves into the world of technology-based business careers. The aim is to support entrepreneurs in terms of infrastructure, office space, consultation, mentorship, business plan assistance, growth acceleration, product prototyping, and seed funding.

Facilities Provided

  • Separate Cabin
  • Access to Tech Lab
  • Access to Tech Talent
  • Opportunity to pitch before investors
  • Opportunity to pitch before seed funding panel after 3 months of incubation
  • Design, Marketing, HR Finance and legal connects

Duration – 1 year (can be extended)

Who is it for?

  • Entrepreneurs and ideators with technology based registered startup less than 10 years old from the date of registration.

Process of evaluation

  • Once an Entrepreneur submits the application, he/she will go through three rounds of evaluation.

The information shared in the application will be the sole consideration for the first round of the screening. A screening round conducted is to determine if the applicant is qualified for the job.

The second round will include a telephonic or a physical meeting with the founder to assess them on Team Capabilities, Relevance of experience. Product Stage/type, business proposition, Opportunity size, etc.

The final selection round will be presided over by the steering committee members consisting of the Chief Executive officer and the Higher Management. The result of this round entirely depends on the higher authority members.