An initiative of Bhartiya Vidhya Bhavan's Sardar Patel Institute of Technology

Sardar Patel Technology Business Incubator

Supported by Department of Science and Technology - Government of India


The SP-TBI supports technology start-ups from Education, Health, Energy, Agri-tech and IT Services. We also propose to extend our support to social enterprises making larger social impact and enterprises led by women entrepreneurs. Women contribute around mere 14% of the total entrepreneur base in India. We at SP-TBI are willing to support women with entrepreneurial interests at an early stage. Supporting women entrepreneurs contributes towards their economic empowerment and a country’s economic growth because they are able to create jobs for themselves and others.

Rishi Iyer


We deal with the insurance domain of India intending to take the insurance domain to the next level by providing solutions with the help of Blockchain and AI technology.

Deepak Jadhav


We are the Lending Technology Platform company, which enables consumers to efficiently process their credit requirements and help retailers or manufacturers to capture market potential and assist financial institutions in accessing new markets at the point of sale.

Krish Matrija


Eatable is a food-tech startup that aims to provide business intelligence solutions to restaurants across the country. Our menu helps the user to know food better than ever with customized recommendations and easy ordering.

B Saketh Ram


We are Liminal, a boutique studio with a big appetite for creativity, and we love working with clients who are as passionate as us in achieving the very best outcomes.

Mohammed Pervez


Instant access to medical care anytime, anyplace and everyone.

Suresh Mali


Transforming Businesses Digitally and Providing Digital Implementation & Integration Services to Help Businesses Grow.

Bharati Mahimkar &Anjana Gaekwad


EAP-India is an Employee Assistance Program, educated conjunction of artificial intelligence and human support network services working closely with businesses to nurture and enhance the emotional and psychological well-being of employees.

Vikas Kakwani


Our app brings India’s first online secondary school for CBSE class 6th-10th, NIOS class 8th & 10th, and UP Board Class 10th. We provide an app that allows studying anywhere anytime.

Vaidehi Kulkarni


Committed to improve intimate hygiene in a sustainable way.



Skinzy provides a simple and effective AI solution to your skin-related diagnostic questions.

Nishant Ranjan


Solving Electric Vehicle customer adoption problem.

Sandeep Chandalia


We are a startup in software development focusing on customers in the Banking & Financial Service industry, based in Maharashtra (Mumbai & Pune). The company envisages offering customer-centric software products to helps its clients manage their business better.

Abhishek Trivedi


Our product Go-fit schedules your workout detects and analyzes using machine learning and deep learning, that combines AI to enhance. We provide an application to verify whether the task performed by the user is done correctly.

Satishkumar Barot


Our vision is to make students all over the world atmanirbhar by bringing to them world class self-study material / eBooks at the most affordable price.



Our passion not only lies in one technology but in integrating different technologies like GPS, RFID, Biometrics, M2M, and IoT to see how they can make business intuitive. We integrate anything and everything to build disruptive tech platforms

Mohit Kokil


Markytics is a team of highly qualified and passionate analytics professionals. Our objective is to develop strategic partnerships with our clients to deliver improved profits and enhanced customer value by drawing on our strengths in data analytics and statistical modeling.

Dharmin A Vora


We’re an AR / VR tech based Start-up in Mumbai. We’ve been working on our first product peAR-1. It shows how the food on menu will look like on the table of your restaurant.

Hasmukhbhai Rathod


Automating warehouse markets and home appliance

Ramesh Chembath


We are team of cross functional experts with hard core experience in Online and Offline retail, digital marketing , technology and customer relationship management working towards building next gen Phygital Platform that can help brands drive digital business effortlessly l business

Nilesh Daivadnya


We are in the business of providing expert advice through an online platform. As an entrepreneur, you can select your preferred consultant or Faroce industry expert from any industry and seek their expert advice or suggestion on the challenges faced by your business.

Akhilesh tripathi


We at quotientica empower the next generation real-time platform to mitigate financial risks using artificial intelligence and big data. We have one quest to make payment safe. Three parameters are at the core, multiple platforms for data source, fraud scoring using rule engine and machine learning, Easy to understand reasoning and insight.

Vinod Sharma


Epitome Academy

Meenaz Balbale


We provide innovative solutions for sustainable progress. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness on the market

KNUT Technology


KNUT Technology

Aditya Shejwal


Abstrct is a Mumbai based start-up to provide better, hassle-free and digitized experience of shopping in the retail stores. Our company will transform the traditional way of shopping, making it customer-friendly to have a better experience through our products.

Akhil Mammen


We use machine learning to ensure that kids see the right content and more importantly at the right time during their learning journey.

Sunil Punjabi


ONI is a childdevelopment platform focused on the first 1000 days of life

Dr. Kapil Nishad


My name is Dr. Kapil Nishad, I am a Prosthetist and Orthotist, working for PWD's, My company RehabBot having the aim to make the Rehabilitation AID's - automated, at a very affordable price for Indian PWD,s and to change the entire PWD and rehabilitators LIFE. RehabBot is derived from (Rehabilitation + Robotics = RehabBot) and My regular conversation is going on with Tanu Shree from Love Actually

swapnil jadhav


We are an Advanced digital agro-platform for effective farm management. We use real-time insights from satellite Imagery.

Kaushikk Trivedi


We are into software development and currently have two products. 1. Key Account Management Software & 2. Reminder App. We are focused on products and cloud based offerings - SaaS. Our first Product is copyrighted and we also have trademarks for all our products and company as well as our Punchline for product. We started in 2017 and we are currently upgrading the products with new technology and security features. We plan to go commercial in next few months.

Tejas Bharat Patil


Our Vision is to facilitate user for the best end to end trip with minimum human interaction. We bundle different options available from various travel sites/facilitator to give best possible complete trip for user using Artificial Intelligence technique. Our solution internally solve sub problem of reaching one destination from another with different options.

Himanshi Sardana


Decode Disability, is a platform that capitalizes the power of education, business, and leaders to initiate conversations among youth in schools and colleges to develop an understanding about disability as part of our social and human rights. We aim to do this through webinars, conferences, and other educational programs in collaboration with educators, health professionals, and other experts in this space. We then share insights with the government and policymakers to help shape policies and create a disability-smart world. My Motivation to start Decode Disability is to engage and learn young minds about disability with the intersectional approach by providing educational stimulation and strive for a disability-smart world.



Its very interesting conceptual app. The reason behind this app is to maximize utilization of available resources. Please check GooNearby App on google play store.

Nilesh Gopal Rabadia


We are trying to solve the retail and sme collection and npa problem. Currently the collection agencies are scattered and most are very small. We plan to create a platform wherein various banks and NBFCs can give us their loans which require collection effort. We will then through the platform allocate the loans to the agency most equipped to handle the collection efficiently.

Amit Kashyap


Its Marktech startup - It is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning to make your marketing smarter, more efficient and effective. It enables you to build smooth conversational flows and automation to help you serve customers with ease. You can handle all of this by dragging and dropping activities without having to write a single line of code.

Shubham Goyal


We propose to Launch a Website & App (IOS/Android) which will feature the goods which are made in India and made by Indian companies. It’ll be a marketplace where Indian seller will list their Indian products and our global customers will purchase them, therefore encouraging the exports in India. We plan to educate the local small and medium-scale manufacturers about exporting the goods produced by them. A lot of these manufacturers lack knowledge about global demand. Their main targets are Large scale manufacturers as their customers. We will educate them and give them exposure to the international market through our App. We will promote their goods in the international market and will generate sales for them. Hence, this will increase the number of exports in our country. And, Speaking about the domestic market. In India, we cannot directly ask people to stop imports. What we can do is promote Made in India goods, through our app, and ask people to favor them.

Vikasraj Yadav


Mera Doctor is a start-up that aims at effective digital healthcare consultation through powerful technologies and ease with patient friendly platforms like whatsApp.

Rupesh Talele


LAUNDRY AT DOORSTEP Get your garments professionally laundered, steam finished and packed with the best laundry services near your area ! It will offer convenient and hassle free way of getting your wash, laundry and dry cleaning done at your own time and the nearest laundry service. We shall have best laundry service providers with instant services to help you launder your clothes within no time. Replenish your leather garments to a polished “newness”.

Sachin Naik


GetParking is an award-winning mobility company focused on parking. We have built a range of smart parking solutions for off-street and on-street parking and our customers in 9 cities have crossed over 34 million parking events on our systems. We are a DIPP registered company that has built and commercialised 6 hardware products, written over 200k lines of proprietary code using technologies such as ML based Computer vision (numberplate recognition, vehicle make/model/color classification, vehicle tracking), Sensors, Internet Of Things, Cloud technologies and micro-controllers.

Faiz sirkhot


Lineup Technology is a Recruitment service startup

Pramod Shantaram Chalke


Company is started with the aim of giving service in sms services and whatsapp service with secured platform to BFSI sector, we have started our services form Nov 2019 and have presence in East, west, north and South and our services is used by Apex banks such as state,district, cooperative and micro finance company, we are attached with several Core Banking Service provider through whom we cater the banks in various region, we come under the regular GST tax payer from since inception are regular returns the file.

Roopesh Rao


Infrastructure for upcoming new building projects, FTTH work, Fiber to the Home, Voice data & Video and Value added services CCTV, VDP, fire alarms, High Speed Broadband etc.

Mangesh Desai


We are a Virtual Reality hardware, platform and content development company.

Tajinder Kaur


The Kaur Research is a sole proprietor firm that was incorporated in July 2016 in New Delhi, India by the Founder Tajinder Kaur. We provide sales and marketing services to the technology product or services company globally. We specialize in immersive technology lead generation for PAN India. With this tremendous experience The Kaur Research is in the process to develop a Blockchain based product for C level executives or the decision makers and for the Govt authorities to provide them a safe and secure platform for various business or personal usage.

Yuvraj Manish


Agri Career is a National level Talent Acqusition Company specialized in Agriculture and Allied Sciences. After the initial pilots , we are soon venturing into Corporate skilling in our Niche for students across India . We have relationships with more than 500 Corporates across India.

Chandra Shekhar Mandal


Digital Labour Chowk is a technology-driven virtual labour chowk that facilities and connects daily wages workers to the customers. DLC platform facilities customers to book any number of service-based daily wages workers i.e Construction Labour, Mason, Painter, Carpenter, Electrician, Plumber. And, as customers purchase goods from E-commerce websites, in that simple way customers will be able to book workers from the Digital Labour Chowk platform.

Yogesh Sahu


GeeCom India Services Private Limited has been founded in year 2018 at Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. 'GeeCom India' is an E-commerce platform currently focused on 'Farming' and 'Rural India'. 'GeeCom India' is a transparent and democratic platform which connects Farmers and Rural sellers/Producers/Crafters to Consumers, City, Businesses and Industries.

Shweta Thombre


Being Vakil is Law based EdTech start-up. It was incorporated in February 2021 with a vision to reduce the complexity in law using effective technology. It mainly deals in two product one is Educational Products focusing on Conceptual Clarity reducing complexity in Law and another is Doubt solving chatbot. It is a knowledge partner of MeitY and Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai (For IP laws)

Sarath Bhooshan


Life is interesting when you can visualize. What if you visualize something with incredible plot twists? As a startup company, we are working in Kids Entertainment sector and our concept is To create an eco-system of India’s very own DIGITAL-FIRST KIDS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY, We create, distribute fun and safe unique animated, live intellectual properties, Indian iconic characters and it’s affiliated products for children. Which encourages healthy values such as compassion, empathy and resilience, while teaching fundamental life skills. We are a team of entertainment experts with an ambition to redefine the kids entertainment industry in this new digital age. We know where kids and what they like. This gives ‘Bhooshan Animation’ the power to create valuable content that parents trust, kids love and available in the way they want it. At Bhooshans, what we comprehend most is one more element called ‘Structure’ which makes a business pragmatic. In the current scenario, where the kids entertainment industry is mushrooming remarkably, Bhooshan animations are destined to thrive as a premier India’s very own DIGITAL-FIRST KIDS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY in the world.

Anirvan Chakravarty

SETMYCOACH SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED is India's first Global Platform (marketplace) for Coaches across specialities catering to Corporate, Corporate executives, Business leaders, Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Self-Employed, Homemakers, and Students. The Platform covers a wide range of Coaching niches like Executive coaching, Business Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Entrepreneur Coaching, Career Transition Coaching, Life Coaching, Happiness Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Meditation Coaching, NLP Coach/Practitioners, Lifestyle Coaching, Image Coaching and many more! We intend to make it as a unique world-class Platform where clients can have easy access to Coaches as per their niche requirement.

S. Madhav


Seniors Hive is an infotainment platform which connects senior citizens to digital solutions by imparting tech literacy, providing transaction support and forging trust.

Akshat Rana


Svetlo - a mobile platform that gamifies tracking expenses and rewards the user for consistency. Svetlo provides personalized saving, budgeting, and investing recommendations by understanding user’s spending behavior.

Akshay Salekar


The foundation of E-mobility. A ready to run E-Skateboard platform for manufacturers to use as foundation.

Ajith Mathew


We, Relevant Agro Machinaries LLP is an agriculture machinery manufacturer established in 2020. As our Initial product we have developed a machine “Automatic Cocoa Bean Separating Machine”. This is a patented design. We are DPIIT recognized startup under Startup India. DPIIT No. DIPP69717 Relevant Agro Machinaries LLP has an experienced management team with direct knowledge of the industry, extensive research experience, and unique administrative skills. Our team includes Mr. Ajith Mathew, Mr. Saji Mathew & Mr. Mathai T T living in Ernakulam, Kerala, India.

Siddharth Deshpande


Offeteria is a web application that allows companies to go hybrid and let its employees work from any local cafe in their vicinity. Employees get the freedom to work from anywhere in this world in cheaper and better-working spaces. In short, Offeteria transforms local cafes into office spaces. Through Offeteria: Employees can book a seat at any of the cafes they want and work there while having a cup of coffee. Managers can track their employees’ work and tasks using Offeteria’s task and employee management system. Cafes can bring in customers during their downtime.

Shankar Gaur


Hands On is an integrated ecosystem for the 500M+ blue, grey and pink collar workers in India. We connect employers and job seekers in a hyper-local fashion. In addition we provide recruiters a mini applicant tracking & hiring system. The platform is available in 11 Indian languages, on android, iOS and web.

Sameer Panjwani


Reward Dragon is a Unified Employee Engagement Solution that makes the workplace exciting through Gamification and enables Instant Recognition for a job well done. This enables companies with sharper insights & returns up to 225X from their people investment. All this using a Mobile Platform for the customer front-ending workforce.



Educational Platform for people who want to learn Stock Market