Here’s a list of the upcoming events :

Startup Odyssey is not just an event for entrepreneurship but a journey to bring ambitious and creative people together to solve real-world problems and unleash creativity and technology to give rise to new businesses. Startup Odyssey consists of two events.

  • Start-a-Thon (2 days competition)

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Startup Catapult
Confused on how to get your business started? Looking for growth hacks for your startup? Sardar Patel Technology Business Incubator (SP-TBI) is coming up with the next version of its certified 6-weeks entrepreneurship training program under the name of Startup Catapult. This program is specifically designed for aspiring entrepreneurs as well as for those who have a venture or a startup but do not know how to progress further. The syllabus is designed in a way to give these individuals insights and skills to help them succeed as creative and effective managers in today’s fast-paced business world as well as develop their entrepreneurial instincts. 
  • Startup Catapult (6 weeks entrepreneurship training program)

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Here’s a list of the events we organized, co-organized and covered since 2016 until now. To check our event recap archive, scroll down to the slider :

On 29th February, SPTBI in association with its event partner Invision360 and other partners organized the Student Entrepreneurship Workshop under Incubation and Startup Centre Congress (ISCC 2020) to ignite the spark of entrepreneurship in college students. The speakers included Kaustav MajumdarVinit JainVivek TutejaRajesh PataliaAmarkant JainRahul Chari & Pankaj Sikka.

Intending to support the Government of India’s missions of “Start-up India” and “Make in India”, The Incubation and Start-Up Centre Congress 2020 (ISCC 2020) is going to be held at SPIT, Bhavans Campus, Andheri, Mumbai on the 28th & 29th February 2020. The aim is to focus on the exchange of ideas and best practices to create incubators and innovation labs within universities across sectors. 

The ISCC is the first of its kind, Incubation Congress brought to you by Invision360 and other leading academic incubators. We aim to be at the forefront of academic incubation, propelling it, catalyzing it, and contributing to creating repositories for this body of knowledge that helps build replicable, scalable and sustainable models in academic incubation in every corner of the country.

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eChai Presents – How to scale your startup

eChai ventures conceptualizes and organizes engaging entrepreneurial programs to help fellow entrepreneurs connect, share and collaborate. The session held in SP-TBI on 8th June was curated especially for startups with some kind of traction and are now looking to scale their operations. The speakers who themselves have worked in a startup or still working shared their views of the process involved in scaling and what challenges they faced and how they overcame them.

Growth Shop : Chapter 4

Rishi Desai is a Facebook & Instagram Ads Expert. He has got mentorship on Facebook Ads from an ex-team member of Gary Vaynerchuk (GaryVee).
The session consisted of detailed knowledge of how Facebook ads work and how we can implement them in our business to grow it.

ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan)

Veena Lala (CEO) from VAL & Associates gave a talk to our startups on ESOP and its Implementation with its benefits for startups. VAL & Associates has recently partnered up with SP-TBI as the mentor and trainer for CS & Law sector.

Extreme Sports India (ESI) – Avi Jain

SP-TBI has collaborated with ESI to organize an event on Extreme sports in India along with short film screening. This session features daring Indians who have conquered mountains, rivers and seas.

SP-TBI Cricket Championship 2019

It’s not always just work at the Incubator, Karvy Technologies along with Quidich sponsored this year’s Cricket Tournament. A fun meet up for the TBI tribe. This year Scholr won the Tournament & picked the prestigious trophy.

Growth Shop: Chapter 3

Building Brands and PR: Actionable Growth Strategies for Marketers and Startups.

Are you one of those brands who are just clicking everything right at the moment but still people are not able to recognize your brand?

Wondering what can be a few small tricks and neat hacks that can help you at the time of doing PR for your startup or yourself as in individual?
What is the best way to go about building brands and doing PR for your firm?

Blockchain & Beyond

The workshop covers the inception of Blockchain as to why it is important and how it will affect the future. The session will also include educating the participants regarding Bitcoin and the idea behind it.


SP-TBI was the eco-system partner for TieCon Mumbai. A global level event where startups get to pitch their business to investors, get advice from various consulting companies, attending tech workshops, industry expert talks, etc.

Investor on-boarding

SP-TBI partnered with Lead Angels Network that provides funding to early-stage startups. Lead Angels will assist SP-TBI startups in Business Review, Founders Agreement, Due diligence, Portfolio monitoring.

Co-Incubation Partners

SP-TBI and COEI (Centre of Entrepreneurship & Innovation) have signed an MoU for co-incubation wherein startups of both incubators can avail each other’s facilities which include interns, technology lab, mentors and training sessions, etc.

Company Secretary & Lawyer
SP-TBI brought on board Veena Lala, CEO of VAL & Associates for guiding and helping startups on legal matters.
IPR & Patenting advisor
SP-TBI brought on board Harini Niveda who works a Senior Attorney for IPR & Contracts at Singhwal Techlaw Pvt Ltd.

CITE Graduation Day

Sardar Patel Technology Business Incubator (SP-TBI) built CITE to support ideas and prototype stage entrepreneurs during the first critical 100 days of their venture formation. Our very first program had 30 selected founders from various states such as Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Orissa, Karnataka, Kerala, NCR and more. CITE’s Technology Business Program was a 3-month intensive cohort for entrepreneurs to convert their tech ideas, prototypes, and projects into commercial ventures.

Growth Shop | Chapter Two

Nobody wants to be sold, the idea behind this workshop is to share insights on how to stop selling and start helping.
It is an exclusive event for the folks working in startups and enterprises in the business development / digital marketing role who is finding a growth hacking way to accelerate the sales.

Growth Shop | Chapter 1 | How to go viral in 2019

Session by Jay Naduvath – Managing Partner at Jefferies & Bain & Pratik Telang – Digital Marketing Consultant at Reliance Industries Limited.
Growth Folks was a kick-ass community of Growth Hackers, Marketers, Marketing Enthusiasts where sharing of knowledge, latest trends on Growth Hacking and Marketing for startups and small businesses were discussed.

Art of Business Networking

What, Why & How to do business networking? Networking for raising money/investment. Networking for jobs. How to get the job of your dreams? Why running communities is important?

A session was conducted by MugenHR for all SP-TBI startups wherein they talked about why managing employees and related issues like Asset, leaves, attendance, expenses, vendor, project & payroll are important.
Centre for Innovation Technology and Entrepreneurship includes 16 modules delivered by industry experts. Each module takes CITEians through the process of Venture formation and scaling.
Founders Agreement
SP-TBI arranged a session with Lead Angels that will cover basics of Founders Agreement and its importance by Suman Sengupta.
CITE Launch
Centre for Innovation Technology and Entrepreneurship includes 16 modules delivered by industry experts. Each module takes CITEians through the process of Venture formation and scaling.

Founders Speak

Founders Speak is one of SP-TBIs core event where startups hear stories of founders narrated through an informal chat. SP-TBI had arranged a candid session with the author of SMElting Cauldron, Co-founder and Managing Director of MarketSpan Consultant, Mr. Raj Raman.

Intellectual Property Rights & Patents for Startups


What the session would be covering :

• What is intellectual property?

• What are the different types of intellectual property? 

• What are patents?

Graduation Ceremony
Work and fun goes hand in hand at SP-TBI. We are having mixed feelings over graduation of our startups at SP-TBI. We would be parting ways with teams that worked with us for the past 2 years.
Building A Transformative Private Cloud
SP-TBI hosted a session of Building a transformative private cloud conducted by Ritesh Shroff and Mangesh Patankar from IBM Cloud.
Chat with CEO Mrugank Paranjape
Mr. Paranjape shared his insights on how startups are helping organizations like MCX grow and what areas would MCX like to explore.

Vibrant Gujarat Startup Summit 2018

Vikrant Potnis, CEO SP-TBI conducted a session on Angel Investing Dejargoned. The team observed what new solutions in startup sectors were and what sectors are gaining more importance in the country.
Incubator Investor Connect (IIC)
The session full of rich experience gave an inspiration and vision for budding entrepreneurs to follow a clear path and understand the essence of work life balance required to make a venture successful.
Creating A Culture Of Entrepreneurship
SP-TBI conducted a conference for “Creating a culture of Entrepreneurship on campus”. The event saw participation of campuses across India. More than 20 institutes participated in this event.
Power of Delivering a Lightening Pitch
The ultimate aim of this talk was to be an aid for the startups in terms of making speech impactful and first time impression in front of investors. Speech by Vineeta Dwivedi.
The Power of an Elevator Pitch
Co-Founder and Executive partner of Value Sutra Business Consulting, Shalini Dabholkar. Conducted a session on Challenges faced by entrepreneurs while delivering an elevator pitch.
Cheese Tasting Workshop
The Cheese Collective are Cheese makers and cheese mongers, making fresh and curative cheeses from across India.

Startup Soccer Club

SP-TBI organized Startup Soccer Cup for all its startups, the perfect time for outdoor soccer as the rains start and also for informal meetups at the turf. Sponsored by SchoolAtlas & Powered by Fides Consultancy. This year VPS Techub was the proud owner of the soccer cup.
Founders Speak

Founders Speak is one of SP-TBI’s core event where startups hear stories of founders narrated through an informal chat. In July the topic discusses with our incubated startups was : “Understanding the journey of starting and selling a startup” by CEO and co-founder of Zimmber – Anubhab Goel.

Founders Speak
Founders Speak is one of SP-TBIs core event where startups hear stories of founders narrated through an informal chat. Last year in May the topic taken was – “The story behind my venture” – The Speaker for this session was Satyajit Roy – Founder of Everyday Gourmet Kitchen Foods Pvt Ltd interviewed by Aditya Mishra Founder of SwitchMe.
Curiosity Gym
A leading makers space company partnered with SP-TBI and setup a prototyping, tinkering lab with funding from SPJIMR.
Karaoke Night
Its not just work all the time at SP-TBI, after successfully completing the CITE graduation it was time for some fun activities at the incubator. CITE graduates along with incubated startups interacted and had fun during Karaoke night.
SP-TBI Cricket Championship 2018
SP-TBI organized a Cricket Championship for its startups which was Sponsored by Value Sutra – Founded by Rohit Dabholkar. A fun, recreational as well as informal meet of all startup founders and employees. This was the first year for the Cricket championship and WorkIndia clinched the prestigious trophy.
5. IPL 2019 Finals Screening
SP-TBI hosted its startups by screening the Mumbai Indians & Chennai Super Kings Final for the IPL 2019 season.
Importance of Customer Centric Entrepreneurship
CEM brand capita, session on customer experience management, what is customer experience & perception, brand image, typical business challenges, golden rules to building an experience.
ORF (Observer Research Foundation)
Dr. Sabrina Korreck – Senior Fellow at ORF visited SP-TBI and discussed about incubation centres and Co-working spaces across India and Germany.
Incubation Centre Master Class
India is already a major global hub of Startups and Educational Institutes are playing a key role in providing a platform for entrepreneurs to give wings to their ideas. The 2 full day program was specially designed for educational institutions to learn how to go about creating an incubation enter and what it takes to be a successful startup incubator.
Ah! Ventures
SP-TBI partnered up with Ah! Ventures for collaborations on events, investor, mentor/trainer connect. Their founders have also been on SP-TBI mentor boards for guiding its startups.
Startup Buddy
Mr. Amit Singhal- CEO and Co-founder of Startup Buddy which is a one stop shop for financial and startup consulting firm discussed with SP-TBI team about partnerships and funding in early stage startups.


Mr. Aaron Mascrehenas – Head, Engagements & Consulting from ValueShipper met with the SP-TBI management about potential collaboration for process streamlining, mentoring/training and funding in startups.