Startup Odyssey

Are you aspiring to be an entrepreneur but don’t have an idea?

Do you like to solve real-world problems?

Enter the PERFECT opportunity - STARTUP ODYSSEY !

Startup Odyssey is not just an event for entrepreneurship but a journey to bring ambitious and creative people together to solve real-world problems and unleash creativity and technology to give rise to new businesses.


Start-a-Thon is the first event of the Startup Odyssey scheduled on 14th and 15th March. Start-a-thon is a national level ideation challenge that is open to all students, engineers, arts, commerce, science and even working professionals. This is a 2-day intense competition where participants will have to race against time to create a full-fledged solution for the given problem statement. The problem statement will be from any domain engineer, agriculture, sports, social, etc. There will be mentors available throughout the day to help participants make the best plans for the solution and also learn about entrepreneurship in the process.

Day 1


On the first day, out of 5 problem statements any 1 will be randomly allocated to the top 20 teams. The team will have the entire day to prepare the business plan, the products and everything in between. The teams will be assigned esteemed mentors to help them throughout the day. During lunch, there will also be a networking session for the participants and the mentors.

Day 2


On the second day, every team will have to be geared up to present their ideas and business plan in front of esteemed judges. Each team will be given 10 minutes to pitch and 5 minutes for the questionnaire round with the judges. After this, there will be a networking session during lunch with the judges. Post lunch the judges will give feedback and also declare the results. The top 5 teams will be given free entry to the 6-week entrepreneurship training program along with cash prizes and certificates.

TimeLine of start-a-thon


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This is a great opportunity for students and professionals to help society innovatively by bringing their creative minds on board to solve the problems of society. They will not only have a chance to showcase their ideas but also meet a lot of industry experts and increase their networking.


1st Prize

Rs. 10,000 + Certificate + Free entry in 6 Weeks Entrepreneurship training worth Rs. 25,000

2nd Prize

Rs. 5,000 + Certificate + Free entry in 6 Weeks Entrepreneurship training worth Rs. 25,000

3rd Prize

Certificate + Free entry in 6 Weeks Entrepreneurship Training worth Rs. 25,000

Top 5

Certificate + 50% discount for 6  Weeks Entrepreneurship Training

Top 20


Digital Certificates for all participants

Want to know about 6 Weeks Entrepreneurship training ?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an ideation challenge?

The goal of an Ideation Challenge is to provide an opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship through the development and presentation of a business idea. Participants in the competition will have an opportunity to define their ideas in commercial terms and to compete for substantial cash prizes that could be used to further the commercialization of their inventions.

Why should I apply for this competition?

  1. A refined business plan/model

  2. Perfect Pitch

  3. Mentorship

  4. Exposure leads to partnership

  5. Win cash prizes and access to resources

Who can apply for this competition?

This competition is open to all. Graduates, undergraduates, students in high school, students in art, science, commerce background and even working professionals can apply for this competition.

How should I form a team?

Form a team with people you can easily work with, have creative ideas and want to learn something new.

When will I get the problem statement?

The screening round problem statement will be given once you register. The main problem statement will randomly be allocated on the day of the competition.

What are the selection criteria?

The selection criteria are the creativity of the solution, the feasibility of the solution, how well the solution fits in the Indian market, presentation and how well you address the problem.

What if I have never been to an Ideation Challenge?

If you have never been to an ideation challenge then this is the perfect opportunity for you to get this kind of exposure and to test your creative skills.

What will be provided during the competition?

Basic stationery, business canvas, and mentors will be provided. Along with this lunch and snacks will also be provided.

Since it is a 2 days competition will we get accommodation?

No accommodation will be provided.

What should I bring?

Bring a laptop

Will I get a certificate after completion?

Yes, you’ll get a certificate after completion.

How do I enroll myself / team in it?

Click on Register now

Who is it for?

This training program is not only for first-time entrepreneurs but also for those who have a startup and don’t know how to progress. Or for an entrepreneur who is stuck in their business. This training program can also be taken by those who are aspiring to be entrepreneurs.

Will we get a certificate if even if we don’t pass the screening round?

Yes, you’ll get a digital certificate.

Do we have to make the actual products?

No, you don’t have to make the actual product. You just have to design it. 


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