Virtual Incubation

Incubation fee – 15,000 per year

Our offerings

  • Access to Tech Labs upto 5 hrs per Month based on availability (AR/VR, ML, IOT, AI, 3D prototyping, etc.)
  • Access to Tech Talent
  • Design, Marketing, HR Finance and legal connects

Process of evaluation

  • Once an Entrepreneur submits the application, he/she will go through three rounds of evaluation.

The information shared in the application will be the sole consideration for the 1st round of screening.

The second round will include a telephonic or a physical meeting with the founders to assess them on Team Capabilities, Relevance of experience, Product Stage/type, business proposition, Opportunity size etc.

The final selection round will be presided over by the steering committee members consisting of the Chief Executive officer and the Higher Management.

  • All the applicants will be informed of the status of their application via email at the end of the evaluation.


Evaluation criteria